Take Action


The recent heatwaves, flooding, and unexplained weather changes are a wake-up call to the need to do something about our environment.

The earth is experiencing a lot of pressure from technological advancement, industrialization, and population increase.

The overall effect is a lot of pressure on land, air, and water resources, which can only work at optimum levels.

Anything away from the norm is disastrous. It’s our duty to get out of our comfort zone and do anything within our means to save the planet earth.


What Can We Do

  • Go Green
  • Recycle non-degradable waste
  • Save energy
  • Opt for non-renewable energy sources
  • Avoid wastage of electricity
  • Practice proper waste disposal
  • Plant trees
  • Avoid emission of greenhouse gases
  • Go for environmentally-friendly agricultural practices
  • Avoid directing toxic waste to the waters

The list is endless. Have a brainstorming session with yourself and look at what you do that exerts pressure on the environment. When we take action, we will enjoy our stay on earth since the resources will also appreciate our effort.

Indicators of success

We may talk, yet there is minimal change or inroads we are making in our natural resource advocacy.

 Here are some of the indicators of success 

  • Pollution-free atmosphere
  • Habitable waters for aquatic life
  • Minimal adverse climate changes
  • Favorable climatic conditions
  • High yields from our farms
  • Green environment
  • More recycling companies on board
  • Legislation on environmentally friendly products
  • Closing down of companies that are a threat to our vision
  • Formation of more environmental clubs





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